Vision Therapy Testimonial:

Sophie's Story

Little Sophie has accommodative esotropia. This means that her eyes turn in when she focuses on something. She also has significant farsightedness and wasn't diagnosed until she was 4. This video shares her mom's experience with vision therapy which focused on integration of her primitive reflexes and development of her depth perception in the few months we had before they moved back to Japan.

What our Graduates have to say:

Question: What was the most dramatic change you noticed in your child after completing vision therapy?

  • Makes eye contact and is more confident speaking to others.
  • More confidence in reading.
  • My child is calmer and can even ride a bike now.
  • No more “snarlies” at the end of the day. Yeah!
  • He knows his left and right now, he reads more confidently, his coordination is much better.  Amazing! Thank you!
  • The stress of completing the tasks week after week was gone. Behavior has improved and she seems less fatigued mentally.
  • After over a year of horrible headaches and seeing the wrong eye doctor and the wrong prescription in his glasses, we met Gabby Marshall. WOW, what a difference it makes when you finally find the right doctor who knows what is going on. The headaches are gone, the tracking with reading is so much better, and the handwriting is getting better. So Thank You Elemental, we are going to miss all of you so very much, you have become our second family.
  • Much better reader- better awareness of rights and lefts.
  • My child’s tic has decreased and in general his eyes appear more relaxed.
  • Her focus is better.
  • Motor overflow went away, went up a level in reading groups, reading out loud has improved
  • His attitude & he likes to read
  • Reading! My child could not read more than two pages without getting tired. He has found a whole new world.
  • His reading dramatically improved.  He already enjoyed reading but not to the extent that he does now.  His tracking became much easier for him and his ability to sit still greatly improved.
  • My child’s reading improved rapidly. His general stress level decreased and his frustration tolerance improved.
  • She wanted to play Battleship, which she used to hate!
  • Better peripheral vision; sits still for longer periods; better focus.
  • Tracking ability greatly improved- able to read longer and more accurately
  • Her ability to focus, extended time on tasks, agility and balance improved. Change in emotional maturity, reduced level of frustration, used her peripheral vision.
  • Taking responsibility and focus.
  • Posture and confidence improved and reading!  He is now enjoying the world beyond what is right in front of him!
  • My daughter, after 2 years of therapy and surgery correction, has become more understanding and mature from learning to slow down and think.  I would not have ever done surgery on my own accord.  My daughter can focus better and is doing so much better in school now.
  • It was re-assuring to see his assessment results and the improvement on them.  Also, he now enjoys reading more and handwriting is less of an effort.
  • Her confidence increased.  We noticed her confidence in math and reading skyrocketed.  We have seen her outlook become more positive and she seems more focused.
  • The biggest changes that I noticed are his ability to read without getting lost and his ability to sit still and comfortably for longer periods of time.  Also, his ability to catch and throw a ball have completely transformed.  Playing games is no longer an exercise in frustration.  He actually has fun!
  • No more headaches.  Never getting a strike in softball this year.
  • Her ability to focus has greatly improved.  She reads for longer periods of time and is more willing to read longer books.  Also, her overall body coordination has greatly improved!
  • There was a lot of dramatic changes not sure I can pick one. X's attitude, confidence and self esteem changes were amazing!!  Her grades are the best they have ever been.  No fighting to get homework done and no struggles with her saying she doesn't want to go to school.  All the changes are dramatic.
  • xxxx’s confidence has made a drastic 360 change to the positive. 6 months ago we had a child that said “I hate reading, I am dumb, I am stupid.” He had huge resistance to reading and would throw a HUGE fit regularly when we told him it was time to do his daily reading. He had huge self-esteem issues and we were on a downward spiral with him that was scary as a parent to watch. We backed off completely with the pressure to do his daily reading outside of school and took Dr. Gabby and her teams lead and guidance through vision therapy and consistently did the weekly homework instead. xxx is a very reactive child and has impulse control issues. Through vision therapy it has taught him how to have more control over his action (body) because he has trained the brain to work together with his body before he responds. I may not be explaining it correctly, but he is more in control of himself.

    Through vision therapy we learned xxx was not visualizing. This is something that a regular doctor would never test for, but Gabby does this as part of her evaluations when she sees kids.   He is now VISUALIZING!!!

    xxx's behavioral issues that he has had for the past few years at school are now non-existent. He has confidence and shows leadership with his classmates and teachers.

    xxx is now “at grade level” for reading which is so exciting. He is picking up books to read now and we are so proud of him.

  • He can read much better and has better initiative

  • No more headaches!!  Yay!!

  • Incredible amount of confidence!  He takes on challenges now with less hesitation.  He doesn't get frustrated if something is hard, as easily.  He's playing sports now and riding his bike - things he's never been eager about.  Grades improved - way less frustration with homework.  More pride in his work.

  •  My child would repeatedly hit himself int he eyes when he experienced frustration and/or fatigue due to vision problems.  After 12 weeks of weekly therapy my child no longer hurts himself and has not complained of eye pain.  We have seen tremendous improvement.

  • My daughter had a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem which is now contributing to her success in school.  She is no longer acting shy or withdrawn :)

  • Improved confidence and better behavior.  Better focus

  • Much better reading and comprehension.  Her confidence has grown so much - directly related to her reading success.

  • Significant improvement with reading and comprehension.  She took ownership of the whole process, this then increased as her confidence grew

  • Desire to read again!!

  • She can Read!  Balance, play sports, her confidence is through the roof!

  • Self Confidence!!  Coordination improvement (less accidents, trips, falls, etc...)

  • The most dramatic changes were the visual straightening of the eye turn, the confidence  he gained, his improvement in school (especially in reading) and his ability with sports.

  • XXX began to check out chapter books from the library, and reads for fun.  What a change from only bringing home cookbooks with bright pictures!

  • Headaches decreased from every other day to maybe once a week!

  • Surprisingly, her physical coordination

  • She is able to read without getting frustrated or whiny.  She is able to control her emotions and fidgeting.

  • Her reading and her confidence

  • More focus.  Reading on his own without being prompted.  Understanding left/right directions.  Can now do jumping jacks!

  • Reading and being able to track with her eyes without getting lost on the page.  She even got to move up in her reading group at school.  

  • Lower grade headaches and reading chapter books.

  • She finally tested above grade level in reading for the first time ever.  :)  

  • Reduced anxiety over things that previously challenged him.  For example:  math homework, sleeping at night, reading, playing in the sunlight, sports.  

  • Confidence and her ability to do thing she had never been able to do - swim, tennis, reading

  • My child no longer complains of experiencing double vision

Question: Is there anything we could do differently to help make the program easier for you and your family?

  • No, everyone was very helpful and accommodating throughout our experience at Elemental Eyecare.
  • No.  Thanks for being accommodating to peoples circumstances.
  • Nope, we loved it!
  • The cost of the program is financially prohibitive to some families.  That is where we felt it most.  Other than that, no.  You are all awesome.
  • It was fabulous as is.  Dr. Marshall kept working with him even after he was supposed to graduate.  She didn’t just let him slip through.  Thank you.
  • Scheduling was pretty difficult- more flexibility would be great.  Appointments during school are not ideal.
  • Provide payment plan options to all customers.  The program and commitment to paying without insurance coverage is a HUGE expense.
  • Bill insurance- but I do understand why you don’t.
  • I would say maybe opening at 8:00.  Missing school was difficult and I was driving all over town on eye therapy day.
  • Overall the program was easy for us.
  • Less home activities per week
  • Everything worked well. Elemental is very organized and thinks everything through. I wish our lives were not as crazy.
  • No.  J
  • Nothing. The program was very flexible.
  • No.
  • All of you did a fabulous job!
  • Keep the number of exercises to about 4 (unless they are really quick) so you can really take time and focus on the work without fatiguing too fast.
  • Bill insurance directly, better VT glasses for at home tasks. Cost became very stressful when insurance started denying claims.
  • No, you were all extremely accommodating.
  • Add purpose to exercise instruction sheets so we know why we are doing the exercises.  Define/explain all “jargon” words in the exercises.  You folks know this stuff; we don’t.
  • There is nothing I can put here. You all go above and beyond!  :)
  • Clinic and all staff are well organized and professional.  Pick up was stressful for me to go over homework while having younger sibling with me (not feasible to get a sitter for him for so many appts) - certainly my problem not yours - but was a challenge.
  • Get insurance to reimburse more, but otherwise we do not think anything needs to change.
  • I feel like we had so much support.  Erin was available by email if I ever had any questions about at-home activities and handouts were clear and useful.  The office was also great about rescheduling appointments if [my son] was sick.  Erin provided travel activities for dates that we were out of town.  
  • Nope.
  • This program does require a lot of time and effort.  However, Erin saw when my daughter needed a break and we went with that!  A small break was what was needed for everyone.  This enabled us to finish strong!!
  • No - Our experience was great!  Well worth the time, money and work put into it.  We would do it again if we had to.
  • I think your program perfectly suited Xxxx. Jodi is a great with kids, especially those that can easily get off track and not listen. She is firm but yet loving which is a great combo. Xxxx respects Jodi and was always ready for the next challenge!

  • Financially it was a huge strain.  We wish insurance would see value in it.

  • No, we were very pleased with the professionalism and results.  Also, Dr. Gabby's efforts with our insurance company went above and beyond.

  • No, you guys made it as smooth as it could be!!  We can't thank you enough!

  • More scheduling flexibility for vision therapy.  

  • None that we can think of!  Fantastic in every way and Dr. Amanda was patient and kind with our daughter every time <3

  • I was very pleased with the program and staff.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work. 

  • Lower the cost

  • Your entire team did great with feedback, appointments, encouragement, warmth--all aspects.  I don't really have any constructive feedback to do thing differently.  

  • Jodi and Dr. Marshall were a great team.  (My daughter) wanted to work hard for them

  • You were so patient, kind, understanding, thorough, determined and supportive!  Thank you!

  • NO.  you were supportive, encouraging, while setting high expectations.  I was particularly impressed that Jodi was able to apply recent research and professional information she received at VT conferences...she was absolutely AMAZING.

  • NO.  Your staff, interns, and Dr. Gabby are all a joy.

  • Payment plan offer would be helpful.  

  • I don't think so!  :)

  • No, it was great!

  • No, the program was very accommodating.  Homework was reasonable.  Office visits were at good times. 

  • We had the expectation to make the commitment to be successful in completing therapy, so I don't have a recommendation to make the program easier. 

  • I feel like you understand life is messy and everyone was super nice about being flexible.  That is a huge relief for busy moms. 

  • Nope, you were amazing working with us. 

  • The only thing I could say would be to convince Blue Cross Blue Shield to cover treatment.

  • Billing and invoices are not a smooth process.  Otherwise the appointments were like clockwork, all staff helpful, keeping a regular schedule was great.  

  • None

  • I feel like the office was very accommodating with scheduling and explaining the process. 

Question: Is there any advice you would like to share with parents starting our program?

  • We prioritized the VT over homework, and that often made our afternoons/evenings go more smoothly.  Doing both would have been overwhelming on some days.  We also had siblings try a few of the exercises, and they understood that it was difficult and helped encourage their brother.   
  • Time consuming and if insurance won’t cover then figure $3500.00.
  • Stick with it! It’s worth it! I feel that the work we did at Elemental will change his whole life.
  • Do it.  This is your child’s future.  Give him or her tools and the ability to see, respond and interact with that future to the best of his or her ability.  It is worth the work it takes.
  • It is a commitment, but it is so worth it.  Keep at it and you will see results.
  • Stay with it.  It can be frustrating but work out a schedule with your child ahead of time that is mutually agreed upon.  Don’t force it- and don’t let them do VT when they are tired.
  • The homework can at times be extremely overwhelming especially if you are working and your child also has other homework in addition, but in the end it is worthwhile.
  • No, just that you should stick with it! Dr. Marshall and Tamie are both wonderful and do such a great job of making a child feel comfortable, by letting them know how exercises relate to the child’s interests.
  • It is parental work as well.  We spent 45 minutes 4-5 times a week in the beginning.  Know that a parent is going to have to work just as hard.  It bonded us as well.
  • Practice! Have fun and patience.
  • Believe! The money is worth it. Make The Time!
  • It is a lot of work but the rewards greatly outweigh the struggle to sometimes find the time to fit in the homework.  It is costly but also so worth it.  Dr. Gabby’s focus is on your child and will work with you in any way you need to help you and your child succeed.  The team goes above and beyond always!
  • It is amazing to see so much change come about in such a short amount of time!
  • Stick with it to the end, they will be amazed with the results.
  • Get ready for a lot of work.
  • Do a little more training everyday (20 minutes) instead of longer blocks of time on only some days. Do activities along with your child when possible – have them “teach” you. Set up a system for practice- all gear easy to grab and start.
  • Stay calm when dealing with at home tasks, stay patient. Family commitment is key, using a schedule also helped us. Talk to your VT therapist if you are having issues or difficulty they are there to help.
  • It is a lot of hours and your child will be resistant at first.
  • Force yourselves to make the time and investment in your child; it will be worth every bit!
  • I would say, love your child as much as you can during this time.  They are doing a lot of different things mentally, visually and emotionally.  Always check how they feel.  Early ages are learning emotions and some don't know how to handle them.  So always ask and always love. 
  • Program is a lengthy commitment but we felt prepared in terms of homework requirements, etc... thank you.
  • It is a difficult program.  You have to be committed on a very consistent basis.  It is a labor of love fueled by a vision for future gain.  It is definitely worth it, but very arduous, challenging emotionally, cognitively and coordination-wise.  Both the parent and child have to be equipped with plenty of patience and determination to succeed.
  • Stick with it, keep it fun at home, and get into a routine.  Four sessions a week at home can feel like a lot, especially when there are other demands on your child (like recitals or sports games) on the same days.  Having a set time of day to do VT and having fun with it helped it become a positive part of our routine.  
  • Your staff is over the top friendly and helpful.  My daughter started the program very apprehensive, but was disappointed when her therapy sessions were over.  
  • Try to set a routine of days for exercises and stick with it.  Read all the information sent home and do not be afraid to ask questions.  Communicate anything and everything with the doctor and the therapist!  This really helps them to tailor the program to the needs of your child.  
  • Know it will be hard but once you see the changes in the child you will be amazed.  Words can't express how helpful VT is.  Unanswered questions and struggles will have an answer to them once you understand and see how it all works.     The greatest feeling is hearing your child say after all the hard work "I can see the whole world now like I'm supposed to" and "I can use my peripheral vision that I didn't know I had" is one of the best feelings ever, especially knowing how her "normal" before wasn't how it should be.  It's hard to grasp what they see or don't see at the beginning of VT and it's a guilty feeling also knowing your child has struggled like they have and they thought it was normal.  Watching the changes as you go through the program is wonderful and exciting and in the end you can't say enough good things about the program.     Watching X play her first basketball game after VT was over and being able to see her from the stands use her peripheral vision made me cry.  You could see it from the stand what she was doing.  Something she didn't do before.  It was plain as day to me probably nobody else noticed but it was a wonderful feeling knowing what she was doing.   Thank YOU  Thank You!!!  For changing her life, nothing can slow her down and she now knows she can do anything.
  • This program is a little “outside the box” for many people. Most people don’t know what Vision Therapy is and how it can help people. We thought our son needed “counseling, potentially drugs” to help him but what he needed was Vision Therapy. He could not read because he was not tracking or visualizing when he was reading. He was working 100 times harder than most. All of this was causing his self-esteem issues and anger. Doing vision therapy is a big financially and time commitment for any family. I believe we could have spent the same amount of money having Xxxx see a therapist each week to discuss his “behavioral issues” and not seen the results that we did with Vision Therapy. I love that we were able to go “outside of the box” and take a bit of a leap of faith doing this program. Our family was committed to this and we got the results that we were hoping for! A happy boy who has confidence and is reading!!!!

  • Parents have to put just as much as the patient into it to make it work.  It is worth your time and energy in the end.  

  • Make sure to check with your insurance coverage.  Insurance companies may be reluctant to cover eye therapy.

  • DO THE WORK and you will see results.  6 months is a long time, but it really goes fast overall.  Don't push your kid when they are tired - make sure they are "ready" when homework time comes.

  • Therapy takes time, but the improvements and results your child receives from vision therapy at Elemental Eyecare will be superior to most pharmaceutical options.  You are providing them with real life tools and corrections that will serve them for years to come.

  • Just that for those who may be hesitating to go ahead and try the program.  It may not be for everyone, but for our daughter - it made a big difference in her quality of life.  For this reason, we would highly recommend Elemental Eyecare!

  • Make sure you have the time and self-discipline to follow through with the home exercises.

  • If you do the work it pays off!  Gaining confidence with the newfound skills is magical for the child.   

  • Have fun with the home VT, learn as a parent.  Realize that the time/money invested will produce tangeable outcomes.  

  • Ensure that families understand the home commitment.  If we had not been diligent at home (and there were weeks that were hard), we would not have been successful.  

  • Its a big commitment, but so worth it!

  • There will be weeks of simply not wanting to continue.  We found that it's okay to take the necessary breaks to allow "learning" to occur.  But, it is soooo important to stay with it and persevere.

  • Stick with it.  Think of systems to encourage and motivate and be consistent with a routine.  Thank you everyone from the front office to each and every appt and session - we had the MOST positive experience :)

  • Plan VT as a set daily activity - same time, same place each day.  We also made it one on one time with our daughter, asking other children to be elsewhere.  It became special focused time on her that she looked forward to spending with a parent. 

  • Expensive investment, but so are braces and perfect eyesight is way more important than perfect teeth!

  • Be prepared for this to "shake" them up a bit.  I was surprised that, after a few weeks, my daughter became moody and irritable.  Thankfully, it didn't last long!

  • Stick with it.  The first 2-4 weeks can be rough but it is worth it.  Our daughter had a lot of emotional outbursts at first, but she broke through it and is now doing amazing

  • 1.  To avoid power struggles over exercises, I'd recommend stopping (no sticker) if things are not going well.  This happened once (or twice) and the exercises were HER priority.  2.  Rather than doing all exercises in 1 days, break up exercises and do 1-3 each day. 

  • Sign up!!  Commit to it now to prevent further struggles in your development

  • The commitment and time frame seem a little overwhelming at first but really is so helpful and it passes so quickly.  It really does help your child

  • It is a big time commitment with the "homework" being the biggest time commitment.  Make sure your teacher is on board. 

  • Stick with it and don't give up, it's a lot of hard work

  • Do VT at a time when you can give it your full attention/focus.  Avoid big disruptions and make a commitment as it does pay off!

  • Be prepared for A LOT of hard work.  Make sure teachers are on board and are understanding.

  • Trust the process!  It works and your child will be better off after the vision therapy program

From parents of children mid-program:

  1. WOW WOW WOW we just got a HUUUUUUGE surprise last night just before we went to bed.... he had been goofing off in his bedroom for an hour or so. He came out with his iPad and wanted to show us something. He pulled up and video he had made and we were stunned to see him READING a book about weather!! 

    I mean it he was reading!!!! The WHOLE book. He was sounding out words like weather, sunshine, energy, possible, pumpkins, and leaves...my husband and I had tears in our eyes. We have worked sooo hard and just like that, he comes in and blows our minds.  His words were clear and he didn't give up sounding out words. He didn't get every word right but I can't truly explain how I felt hearing him read to us after years and years of encouraging him to try.

    As we thought about what just happened it dawned on us. He is reading because he can see!!! The eye therapy we have been doing for the past 3 months has helped him IMMENSLY. He is using his right eye more, he has better depth perception because of it and he now has glasses that have all helped him see!!!

    I again was in tears realizing how many years he had to go with tunnel vision and unable to really see. How could we have known? How could we have helped him sooner? How does a parent figures out what someone needs when they can’t communicate their needs? This WILL BE A TERRIFIC New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so grateful for the kindness, willingness, and understanding of my daughter. Her character and habits all make sense to me now. I can understand now, why she does some of the things she does. I am excited to see her continue to improve and grow into a beautiful and smart young girl. When we first started doing V.T. Her eye was in all the time. Now she has, the majority of the time, control to keep her left eye straight both with glasses and when she wears contacts. When we first started she was unable to enjoy reading because she would see the words backwards or skip over some words. But now...... SHE LOVES TO READ!!!! I am forever grateful to you and your staff for working so hard and together as a team to make this journey successful! Thank you so very much!!!  

General comments from our patient satisfaction surveys:

  • You are all a gift! Changing one life at a time really is more because ya'll changed this mama's life too.
  • Thank you for your excellent customer service and immediate responsiveness to my concerns. I have already recommended you to friends that recently moved here. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you for your kindness and understanding during our visit.
  • Maddy was a re-visit to pick out another set of frames, she had a blast! Picking out glasses at your office is a fun time and the patient isn't rushed or forced to pick out anything they do not want. I appreciate that! Other eye doctors tend to push you towards frames they think are the 'ones'.
  • I don't know if we saw Miss Gabby or Miss Amanda, you can view who we saw in the charts. But the doctor we saw was a wonderful lady and was beyond helpful!
  • Great experience!
  • I think you have an amazing office. From walking in the front door, to the exam, to ordering glasses I have felt the warmth and respect from all! Thank you!!
  • It can't get any better.
  • Thumbs up!! :))
  • Dr. Marshall is very professional, knowledgeable and exudes warmth and genuine caring!  I always leave her office knowing I have received exceptional treatment.  Thank you, Liza.
  • I cant thank you enough!!!!!!!! it is so nice to have a fun, joking, and stress free visit. i love that we can go in and Timmy is smiling and not stressed out.

Dr. Marshall is very professional, knowledgeable and exudes warmth and genuine caring! I always leave her office knowing I have received exceptional treatment. Thank you Liza

Dr. Amanda is always great and Destinee loves her! So glad to hear that we are starting to see improvement!

I sure enjoy coming to Dr. Marshall. Her staff, and her professional, friendly service, along with their selection of eyeglasses are terrific. Dr. Marshall helped me pick out a perfect set of glasses! Thank you.

We are very pleased and am so grateful to have you locally to help our grandson Michael.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I can’t say enough great things about Elemental Eyecare. Dr. Gabby was so amazing with our special needs daughter. Highly recommend!!"
    Brittaney O.
  • "Both of my kids loved Dr Gabby. They have been seeing another doctor for over 12 years, but the transition to Elemental Eyecare was super easy. My son had a sudden change in his vision and they got us in within days. We are so happy we do not have to drive to Eugene anymore to see a pediatric specialist."
    Meredith S.
  • "My six year old recently had an appointment with Dr. Marshall! She was amazing and so great with children! The office was really nice and very clean and there were toys and stuff for my toddler to do while we wait! Overall great experience and wonderful staff!"
    Samantha G.