Elemental Examination

Our children's eye examination is a fun, effective way to understand your child's visual system and how they function. How they see, understand and interact with the world can play a large role in how successful they are in school and in life. This is the first step in helping us understand your concerns and getting to know your child. We will perform a comprehensive examination that includes a vision check to see if glasses are needed, a functional vision evaluation to see how they use their eyes and a dilated exam to check for eye health issues. This exam is fun and takes about 1 hour. It is much more thorough than a school screening or seeing your pediatrician.

We ask that you not discuss the dilation with your child and let us present it. Also, if your child is anxious about this exam, please let us know and we can arrange for a "warm-up" visit.

We recommend that you schedule your child at 6 months of age for their first exam. We also recommend yearly examinations while they are in school as their visual systems can change rapidly and affect their ability to learn. Dilation is not performed after their first visit, unless indicated.

Your baby's first examination can be performed starting at 6 months of age, sometimes earlier if there is a concern. This is actually an ideal time to evaluate a child as they are very easy to test. This evaluation can detect any early signs or risk factors for amblyopia (lazy eye), eye turn, eye disease and poor visual development. It is recommended that every child receive this early evaluation and it is often free of charge, just ask us about InfantSEE. It is a wonderful relief to know that your baby's eyes are normal.


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